Surface Mining

A surface mine is an open-air excavation for removing minerals. Surface mining can beemployed to extract metallic or nonmetallic mineral from any near-surface deposit in anyrock type. Near-surface generally implies deposit less than 500 ft. the size of the depositmay range from a few tons to more than 100 million tons. The surface mining methodslisted. In this study, we focused on the open-pit (mostly multiple-bench)mining as a surface mining method.

Land & property

Back in the 90’s, no one in India really looked at high tech horticulture or floriculture. But in the Ghodawat Group, thinking a few years ahead of the times is standard practice. Ghodawat Agro was born keeping the future and the immense possibilities from floriculture in mind. The inception of Ghodawat Agro was the fructification of a dream to promote integrated development in the high growth floriculture and horticulture sectors and to deliver the benefits of accessing global markets to India. Today we are living that dream. In a journey of just over a decade, our bouquet of offerings had expanded rapidly to encompass a rich variety of flowers, fillers, exotic and indigenous fruit and select vegetables exported across the globe from a number of locations in India.

Deep Mining

Material transport

Breaking the conventional process we are using efficient & powerful fully mechanized technological machineries for faster transportation of materials.

Coal transport

We are deploying approximately seven kilometers of conveyor system into one of our underground mass production mines. Our strong & reliable conveyor system will borne coal from underground working face up to surface with an average rate of more than eight thousand tonne per day.

Stone Drifting

We have engaged world class robust and powerful fully mechanized machineries to withstand in known aspect with unknown natural phenomena, for a faster progress of work.